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Sponsorships and Benefits to Project Sponsors

The Integrationswerkstatt is looking for sponsors and partners to support the delivery of integration services and refugee assistance, as well as to make economically viable the repairs and upkeep of the space.

Financial assistance would allow for the necessary renovations to the space and its existing buildings to allow the project to run year-round. Additionally, financial support of the project can be done through the Catholic Archbishopric of Cologne, Germany. Please talk to your tax advisor to determine if your gift will be tax deductible. There are two methods of financial support: unconditional and project-oriented. For those who wish to support the Integrationswerkstatt as a whole, the unconditional method is a no-strings-attached funding, first of the most vital pieces of the project and then of those pieces that are most shovel-ready and helpful thereafter. The project-oriented method allows a sponsor to pinpoint a favorite project piece (for example the self-repair workshop, the café, the library, the non-denominational prayer space, or the community garden) and fund that piece alone. For those pieces that are planned for a later stage of development, the donations are kept in a locked fund until that stage is reached. In the event that a specific piece that a project-oriented sponsor funds proves impossible (either for funding or zoning reasons), that donation will be returned.

However, financial contributions are not the sole method of supporting the Integrationswerkstatt. Contributions of bicycle repair equipment, infrastructure repair work and supplies, digital upgrades to the space, as well as expertise and time (psychologists, trauma therapists, child care specialists, translators, doctors, nurses, dentists, language teachers, bicycle trainers, landscapers, gardeners, etc.) are welcome and needed to run the program to its fullest.

Finally, the Integrationswerkstatt, as well as the governments and civic leaders of the city of Unkel and the community of Unkel, Erpel, Bruchhausen and Rheinbreitbach, are all very interested in supporting and boosting the media promotion of any sponsors and partners who can help the project to realize its fullest potential. Naturally, sponsor names will be listed in announcements from the Integrationswerkstatt and, for larger sponsors, presented as well on a sign at the front of the space. However, the community and the participants in the project will be glad to assist, support, and if desired take part in press conferences, photo opportunities, events, interviews and any other media assistance that is not exploitative of the target communities.

For more information, or to get involved, please contact Zachary Gallant, Director of Development for Integrationswerkstatt, by e-mail at or by telephone at +49-176-5771-1984.

Business Plans for individual project elements (Non-Denominational Worship Space, Bicycle Self-repair Workshop, Guitar/Music Lessons, Bureaucratic Consultancy/Assistance & Translation, Language Courses, Art Space, Community Garden, Temporary Kindergarten, Business Incubator, Health Checks, Psychological Counseling, Café/Bistro, Multilingual Library) and for general renovations available upon request.