Who we are

The Integrationswerkstatt is a not-for-profit, volunteer-led refugee integration project launching in the community of Unkel, Erpel, Bruchhausen and Rheinbreitbach, Germany. It is a brainchild of the Contact Network for Refugees (Kontaktkreis Flüchtlinge), an open, ecumenical network of over 150 volunteers in Unkel, active in refugee assistance and integration since 2015.

In order that the Kontaktkreis can continue their assistance work unimpeded by the work involved in developing the Integrationswerkstatt, on June 27, 2017, residents of Unkel founded the organization Gemeinsam für Vielfalt e.V. (Together for Diversity) for the purposes of officially undertaking the Integrationswerkstatt program. The organization’s founding board is made of near-equal numbers of refugees and non-refugees, a near-equal number of men and women, with Muslim, Catholic, Protestant, Alawite and Jewish members from Germany, Syria, Iran, Turkey, and the USA.

Gemeinsam für Vielfalt e.V. founding members from left to right: Hiba Bagdounes, Anja Rihm, Detlev Cosler, Roshen Msho, Riad Alhamad, Aynur Ergin, Klaus Riekenbrauk, Niousha Jinak, Sina Jousefnejad, Sibylle Meyer, Zachary Gallant